Member Benefits

The Illinois Broadband and Telecommunications Association represents nearly 50 telecommunications and broadband service providers throughout Illinois and more than 80 additional businesses that provide products and services to the Illinois telecommunications industry.

Competition and innovation in the telecommunications industry continue to change the way consumers and businesses live, work, learn, and have fun. Regulatory decisions and legislative initiatives at the state and federal levels can have a major impact on the ability of telecommunications and broadband providers to effectively compete in a marketplace under constant evolution of new technology, products and applications.

The IBTA continues to be the leading voice on regulatory and legislative polices that allow telecommunications companies and broadband providers to thrive in a highly competitive, dynamic industry and to provide consumers and businesses with the products and services they demand. We'll give you and your company a voice in how the industry heads into tomorrow.

As a member of the IBTA, you will receive:

  • Regular IBTA newsletters with updates on the status of key legislation, regulatory matters and industry news 
  • Legislative bulletins and alerts with notices about important legislation pending before the Illinois General Assembly and a synopsis of its potential impact on the telecommunications industry 
  • Opportunities to participate with other companies to assist in the creation and revision of rules and laws impacting the industry 
  • Discounted registration for the IBTA Annual Convention and Vendor Showcase 
  • Opportunities to network and collaborate with key decision makers and employees of member broadband and telecommunications companies, consultants and providers of  industry products and services
  • Access to extensive resource materials and individuals with hands-on experience in the broadband and telecommunications field
  • Education and training opportunities for you and your employees