Connect Illinois broadband grant applicants will need to be pre-qualified to submit a grant proposal. If you think your company may apply for a Connect Illinois grant, you should complete the pre-registration process as soon as possible. This slide deck describing the pre-qualification process for applicants interested in applying for grants. The slides cover the entire registration process, including pre-qualification requirements, and risk assessment, which are both part of the state's Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA) pre-award process.   

Pre-qualification requirements affect eligibility and must be completed prior to grant application and maintained throughout the grant period.  The Internal Controls Questionnaire is a risk assessment that is not a part of pre-qualification requirements. Pre-qualification requirements only include:

  • Have a valid FEIN number;
  • Have a valid DUNS number;
  • Have a current account;
  • Not be on the Federal Excluded Parties List;
  • Be in Good Standing with the Illinois Secretary of State, as applicable;
  • Not be on the Illinois Stop Payment list; and,
  • Not be on the Dept. of Healthcare and Family Services Provider Sanctions list.

The slides also address annual Fiscal and Administrative – Internal Controls Questionnaire (ICQ). This risk assessment and the Programmatic risk assessment must be completed before an award is issued, but are not punitive and will not affect a business’ eligibility to apply or receive a grant award.  

The risk assessments are used to evaluate the internal controls of the business/applicant to ensure they can successfully execute the program. If the grant awarding agency determines there is risk, it will set specific conditions upon execution of the award.  These conditions may include asking the business to participate in training sessions, providing them additional technical assistance or taking additional steps in monitoring. If a business is determined to be risky because they do not have capacity to establish fraud, waste and abuse policies, the results of the risk assessment may require the business to participate in related training sessions sometime throughout the grant period. This helps the company understand how to properly manage the grant dollars, even if they do not have established policies.