August 5, 2020 Newsletter

News from the ITA

August 24, 2020


Illinois Office of Broadband Selects Connected Nation for State Broadband Mapping Initiative

The Illinois Office of Broadband recently contracted with Connected Nation for the state broadband mapping initiative. Broadband service providers should expect a communication from the Illinois Office of Broadband soon about the engagement with Connected Nation and the mapping process. The ITA has also arranged for Connected Nation to provide a presentation on the mapping initiative during the September 10 Annual Meeting & Industry Update and the presenters will be available to answer questions you may have. 

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                    ITA Annual Meeting & Industry Update Agenda

ITA Annual Meeting

Financial Report – Ann Dickerson, ITA Treasurer
Nominating Committee Report – Jim Broemmer, ITA Nominating Committee Chair

 Illinois Small Company Exchange Carrier Association (ISCECA) Annual Meeting

Jim Broemmer, ISCECA Board of Directors Chair


Illinois Telecommunications Access Corporation (ITAC) Annual Meeting

Joji Aguilar, ITAC Board of Directors President

 Universal Telephone Assistance Corporation (UTAC) Annual Meeting

Karen Boswell, UTAC Board of Directors Vice-Chair

 Telecom & Broadband Legislative and Policy Update

Randy Nehrt, ITA President

Randy will provide a summary of legislative and policy matters pertaining to the broadband industry in Illinois this year and a preview of potential telecom and broadband issues the state legislature and other policymakers may try to address in 2021.

 Mapping Illinois Broadband Services – Connected Nation

Chip Spann – Director Engineering & Technical Services, Connected Nation

Ashley Hitt – Vice President of GIS Services, Connected Nation

Connected Nation, through its partnership with the Illinois Office of Broadband, has been asked to gather new and updated data to be used to determine areas served, unserved, and underserved by broadband across the State. Connected Nation will be reaching out to all broadband providers for service area data and speed information for all fixed broadband service areas, to develop various layers for Illinois broadband maps that will be publicly available early next year. This presentation will review the project, data and information needs, as well as how individual provider information will be processed, aggregated, and analyzed to develop the broadband maps.

Gigabit Annual Partner Spotlight - Mid-State Consultants, Inc.


With a little planning, you can do it all.

This may sound like a bit much, but the FCC (not to mention the RUS and State PUC’s) want to see big bandwidth with low latency delivered to end users with new services like 5G & IoT.

Gap Analysis and Long-Range Planning can help you determine when to make each step. With some software here and there and some feedback built into the system, these milestones can be touched off by your basic obligations and then by subscriber demand.   A few smart architectural decisions, to optimally utilize your existing facilities as you upgrade and build out, will make it all a lot easier.

These new services may lead to a need for Edge routing which should help enable Smart Cities & smart roadway applications.  Some smart network control will enable you to exceed your FCC obligations and your subscriber’s demands while delivering new value from your network.



Your network can deliver more value as you upgrade to meet your obligations.  Make sure each step accomplishes what needs to be done and will enable you to prepare and smoothly transition for what’s next. To discover opportunities and solid solutions to your fiber projects, contact Mid-State Consultants. Check us out at

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